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The Narrative

Sharp Edge Cine is a media company based out of Orange County, California. Originating in the American South-Sharp Edge has served clients from the East Coast of the Carolinas

to the beautiful beaches of the sunshine state.

We pride ourselves in bringing a talented and passionate crew to every set. From music video and narrative to corporate and commercial-Sharp Edge Cine has the energy and drive to create stunning projects.

Our mission is to build a sustainable film community based on uplifting artists, partnering with creatives, and creating minority driven pieces of cinema.

Story: Story

Meet The Team


Bruno Saucedo-Carrasco

Bruno is a Mexican-American film director and CEO of Sharp Edge. His work as a director and cinematographer scopes feature narrative and doc, music video, and commercial.



Lennon Wu

Lennon is an international investor, director, and film producer from Inner Mongolia. Now living in the US, he is a film student in Chapman University's Dodge School of Film.


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